April 20, 2012

New Parents are Like Travelers

This makes me think of travel and the “magical” feeling that I get when I step out of a subway station into a city (or part of a city) that is new to me.  

There is something about travel that makes

February 27, 2012

The Awesomeness of Prayer

I am thankful for prayer.  I count it as one of the greatest blessings that God has given us.

February 16, 2012

A Name for Baby P

I think we may have decided on a name. 

I talked to the baby a bit on my way to work, this morning, and tried it out on him.  It seemed to work.  We still don’t feel comfortable completely ruling out our second choice – it is nice to have at least one backup – but I think that we are pretty set on a winner.

It feels good to have the decision largely made before his arrival.  Imagining him with his name makes him seem a bit less fictional.  He will really be here (soon!) and now I know what we will call him.

Yay!   My shoulders feel a bit lighter.   


February 13, 2012

Journal Entry 38 weeks and 3 days

Oh boy.  I feel so ready to be done with this pregnancy thing.  I don’t necessarily mean that I am ready for the next phase, but that I am definitely ready for the heart burn, carpal tunnel, snoring, swollen hands and feet, tummy resting on my lap, shortness of breath and all of the extra weight to be gone. 

My stomach is huge.  The attention it garners gives me increased faith in the good and goodwill of the world.  It has been really fun to have total stranger strike up conversations about their own pregnancies/children and ask me about my due date, the sex of the baby, etc.  I often feel like people get too involved in their own little worlds and are reluctant to reach out to those around them.  This experience has shown me how easy it can be for people to relate to one another. 

And the other side: My stomach is huge.  The number of people commenting on the fact that I *still* haven’t gone into labor, that I am *still* at work, etc. is starting to make me nutty.  Yes, I am *still* here.  There is no need for you to comment on the fact because I am well aware of it.  Thank you very much. 

I still feel a bit stressed about the name situation.  I feel like our top two choices are both great and I don’t know which one to pick.  I have heard a few moms say that it was very clear that their chosen name was either right or wrong when they met their babe.  I pray that that will be our experience.  I don’t want the naming stress to continue into the hours or days after his birth. 

And the other side: I am extremely excited about his middle name.  His middle name will be my dad’s first name and I am so eager for my dad to learn the news.  My dad has a Swedish name (with an Americanized pronunciation) that is very uncommon in my part of the world.  If you google it, you will find plenty of people with his name, but I have never met another person with the name or known anyone who is familiar with it outside of our family.  I think my dad will be honored to have his first grandson share this name with him.  I feel like giving our little guy this name not only gives me (and our little guy) a stronger connection with my dad, but also with my grandparents who chose this name for their own son.  

I realize that I am still more than a week out from my due date, but I have started to have the irrational fear/belief that this kid might not ever come out.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I am just hoping and praying for some sort of news that will lead me back to the world of rational people - aka those that know that their children cannot stay inside them forever.  

Note: At posting date, I am in my 39th week of pregnancy.  This is a journal entry from week 38.

February 11, 2012

Ready or Not

Sometimes I worry if I will be able to handle the mama role.  
It is hard to imagine a 24/7 job that demands such sacrifice.  

Obviously, there will be joy and clearly I will (at least sometimes) make those sacrifices with a willing heart, but still.  It seems like a lot to take on and so very different from anything else I have done in life.  

I’m not there yet.  Not yet in the midst of it to know what it will be like, but I try to remind myself how willingly I can give things up for our Mabel (the beagle-mutt).  It is probably not very fair to compare your child to your dog, but that is the best that I’ve got.  I love her crazy big and that love leads me to bouts of worry, joy in my time with her and, yes, willing sacrifice.  

I imagine that motherhood will be all that and the kitchen sink.

When I think about having to take such responsibility for another’s well being, I am thankful for Mr. Blessings and the blessing of our marriage.  I am so thankful that I have a partner to share all of this with me.  I am grateful that I do not have to do this alone. 

I am also thankful for my faith and the Word that tells me that I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Life is a lot easier when you know you have The Big Guy on your side.  

And, of course, ready or not, the little guy is coming our way.