November 26, 2011

Baby Bumps

I just felt the baby move.  

A couple little pops in my tummy. 

I am sitting here with a stupid smile on my face.  I want to say “hi baby” in that sugary voice reserved for puppies, babies and all things tiny and precious. 

More pops and bumps and a little flutter. 

This is the most I have felt him or her move. 

I don’t want to move out of this position because I don't want it to stop.  It’s kind of like watching for falling stars.  You don’t want to look away and miss one. 

I don’t want to get up and get distracted by work and life and lose this connection with the little being that I can only really feel when I am sitting calmly and relaxing.


Note: At posting date, I am in my 27th week of pregnancy.  This is a journal entry from week 19.

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