November 21, 2011

Joining the Mama Club

For many reasons, I am thankful that so many of my friends have gone before me on this journey to motherhood.  

For one, it is nice to have their advice and their stories to layer upon my own ideas of motherhood and what I have read in my giant stack of baby-themed books from the library. 

For another, it is good to see that one can become a mom without losing herself to the baby.  My friends have not only remained true to themselves, but also to their friendships, even as their family dynamics have changed and they have taken on the new role of mother. 

I think it would be scary to be the first among your peer group to go through this.

When my first few friends became mom's I worried that I would lose them to their babies.  Or, maybe not that so much as that I wouldn't know how to interact with them now that they had this new role to fill.  I was afraid that they would join the big club of mama-hood, while I would be left behind in the single girl/wife with no children category.

It is true that our friendships have changed, to some degree.  But, I don't think that the fundamental relationships have suffered any major changes.  We can still get together and be the silly girls that we were back in 7th grade - back when the idea of us as mothers seemed as far away as the moon.  

Many millions of thanks to my lovely friends that have set wonderful examples for how to become a mama without changing who you are or alienating your friends.  I love you girls!


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