December 01, 2011

More Baby Bumps

Now that I have been feeling his kicks and bumps for several weeks and, even better, been able to feel them with my hand from the outside, he is starting to seem more and more like a real person.  

Or, perhaps I should say, it is starting to gel in my mind that there is a real live little guy in my tummy and that he is the one that we will get to bring home from the hospital.  

Up until now, it seemed like the baby that we would bring home was a completely separate idea from the fact that my tummy was slowly getting bigger. 

Something else about the bumps: I now feel the need to hold my tummy or at least give it a little bounce  when I start to feel a few flutters and kicks.  Or sometimes, I just say "Hi, Baby."  I feel like he needs me to acknowledge his presence and to give him a little reassuring love.  

I want our little guy to know that I take notice of him throughout my day.  It is all kind of weird and doesn't really make sense, but somehow all of this makes me feel like I am becoming  more of a mom.

Note: At posting date, I am in my 28th week of pregnancy.  This is a journal entry from week 23.

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