February 05, 2012

The Nursery - Sources

1.  Orange and green wire hexagons from CB2.  These were wedding gifts that we received a few years ago and don't seem to be currently available on the CB2 website.

2.  Dresser.  Purchased on a garage sale by my sister-in-law.  Refinished by my father-in-law.

4.  Diaper changing pad with a DIY cover (thanks to my mother-in-law!) in fabrics purchased through Dry Good Design Online.  The cover was made following this tutorial by Jaime of Prudent Baby.

5.  "Home Is Where You Are" banner from Urban Outfitters.  This item seems to be out of stock, but if you like the sentiment, you might like this

6.  Robot mobile from etsy seller verycute.

7.  Alphabet artwork DIY'd using Picnik.

8.  Curtains made by mother-in-law using fabric purchased from Dry Goods Design Online.

9.  Crib, mattress and fitted sheet all from Wal-Mart.

1.  Roundy print by etsy seller laura george.

2. "Woody" faux bois clock by kikkerland.

3. "Jesus Loves The Little Children" artwork DIY'd using Picnik.

4. Baby porcupine photograph by Sharon Montrose.

1. Chair and footstool.  Previously owned.

2.  Toy tub.  Received as wedding gift a few years ago.  I believe it is from Target.

3.  Expedit bookshelf from IKEA.  Ceramic squirrel and elephant - thrifted.  Yellow Candela Tooli nightlight.  Pirate ship from Michaels - painted red by me.  

4.  Bunting by etsy seller Kate Greiner.  Purchased at Urban Craft Uprising.

 1.  "Well, HELLO handsome" artwork DIY'd using Picnik.

3.    "Be Awesome Today" print by etsy seller Lucius Art.

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