February 03, 2012

The Nursery

Baby P's nursery is pretty much complete and I am in love with it.

I wanted his room to be light, bright and colorful.  I avoided pastels and went for lots of varying patterns in the fabrics that were used.

The wall above the crib (to the right of the "Home Is Where You Are" banner) will eventually be filled in with a large black and white photo of Baby P.  But, it will remain blank until he arrives and said photo is taken.

My only (slight) disappointment is the rocking chair.  While I would have loved to have purchased a beautiful, modern rocker or glider, it just wasn't in the budget.  Actually, I do own a beautiful modern rocker - the Eames RAR - but in this instance I was looking for something that would also be more practical.  So, the Eames will remain in the living room and the vintage orange La-Z-Boy will make for some comfortable rocking during night time feedings, etc.  The La-Z-Boy might not be my first choice, but I do think that it "goes" in the room and that makes me happy.

Watch my next post for details about where all of the goodies came from.  :)


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