November 13, 2011

Me, A Mom?

I can’t quite grasp the fact that we will be parents soon, that I will be a mom.  That I am a mom.  

And yet, it doesn’t seem that strange either.  

I am in a weird middle ground of not really believing it, but knowing that when the baby makes its entrance into the world I will be ready to accept him or her into our family. I will be ready to take on this new role.  

I think this means that I am right where I am supposed to be.

I know that Mr. Blessings and I are already a family, but adding this little person to the mix makes it seem more official.  It makes us seem more grown up.  I think it might take a little while for the adult-ness, the “we are a family” thing, to really settle into my brain.  I still feel like we are the kids in our parents’ families more than the adults in our own separate family.

I remember, a few years back, when a woman at work asked me if I would be bringing my family to an event.  I couldn't believe that she viewed me as "old enough" to even have a family of my own.  Even though my peers had husbands and children, I just couldn't quite imagine myself in that same place.  

Thank goodness, our good God gives us nine months to prepare for the little ones to emerge.  As my pregnancy progresses, I slowly feel more and more "ready" for our little guy to join us.  I still don't feel like a mom, but the idea doesn't seem as strange as it did a few months ago.  

Sometime in February, I hope to be able to confidently say, "This is my son."  And to know and feel on every level that I am somebody's mama.   


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