December 11, 2011

Choosing Godparents

Long before my baby bump was visible, before we knew if Baby P was a girl or boy, before we started thinking about things like daycare and pediatricians, Mr. Blessings and I decided who this baby's Godparents would be.

We are going to ask my sister and Mr. Blessings' oldest sister if they will accept this honor and responsibility.

I grew up with two Godfathers - one of my dad's brothers and one of my mom's.  I have always felt a special connection with each of them.  I like that I have one Godparent on each side of my family tree.  These two men are both very strong Christians.  The fact that my parents chose them to be my Godparents makes me think that they really took the time to consider which of their friends and family would be the best Godparents to me.

We haven't asked our sisters yet.  I'm not sure when you are supposed to do that.  (Anyone know?)  I am quite sure, however, that they will both happily accept the job and faithfully pray and care for this little one.


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